Sunday Pot Roast Using a Pressure Cooker


Sunday Pot Roast Using a Pressure Cooker

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Long the staple of Sunday afternoon family meals, the pot roast is something of an American folk tradition. It is made by browning a large piece of chuck steak, boneless chuck or another cut of meat and then slow-cooking it in liquid, often with vegetables. Many busy people use a slow cooker to make this dish so that it can be ready to eat at the end of a long workday.

Imagine having the same advantages of delicious food with little effort that the slow cooker gives over the course of a day – but in just two hours. That’s what you can get if you make pressure cooker pot roast. Today’s pressure cookers are quiet, easy to use and have locking lids that make them safe. Because foods are prepared under high pressure and reduced liquid in a fraction of the time, their flavors and nutrients are locked in.

Incorporate these additional tips into your cooking style to make your pressure cooker pot roast recipe virtually foolproof:

  • Until you’re an expert, follow all pressure cooker recipes to the letter. That’s because this method of food preparation, while easy, requires precision.
  • Only fill the cooker half full when you are making expandable foods such as beans and no more than two-thirds full for everything else.
  • Be sure there is always 1 cup of liquid.
  • Cut dense or slower-cooking ingredients into smaller pieces. Today’s pressure cookers allow you to quickly reduce pressure to add items that don’t need to cook for as long.
  • Add dairy items and herbs at the end to avoid curdling and loss of flavor respectively.

With the pressure cooker, you can take Grandma’s pot roast into this century. Best of all, it will taste just as yummy as ever. Why not try it tonight?