Islamic Marriage

weddinghandsEvery religion has their own customs and rituals to be followed during a marriage and it differs from one another. Muslim is a religion with many unique customs and rituals to be followed at each and every phase of life. According to Muslim religion, marriage can be considered as a legal and social relationship that is meant for strengthening as well as extending the family relationship. The Islamic marriage starts with the search for appropriate match and ends by making the agreement related with marriage and party connected to it. There are various rituals associated with the Muslim marriage which happens in a sequential order.

Seeking for a Match

The first thing to do is to find a match for the girl or boy. The Muslims usually make use of the contacts they have for finding a perfect match for their boy or girl. Decision Making The next thing that they do is to make the decision for marriage. The choice of the spouse for getting married is done by seeking guidance from their ultimate truth allah by offering prayer to him. The prayer to allah made for getting guidance regarding the marriage is called Salat – I – Ishtikhara. Once the wedding is fixed there are many rituals which happen before the actual wedding and there are ones that need to be done after the marriage. The wedding rituals of a Muslim marriage usually get extended up to three days. The marriage is an occasion for all the near ones to enjoy and can be held at any place as of the choice and convenience of the two parties. The marriages that are held in the Muslim community are not extravagant but are reflections of affection and love.

Pre Marital Rituals

There are many rituals which needs to be carried out before the wedding and each of these rituals are having much significance. Mangni is the engagement ceremony that marks the beginning of the Muslim wedding rituals and it is the occasion when the bride and groom exchanges rings. Mehendi is another auspicious ceremony that is held at the house of the bride a couple of days before the marriage. During this occasion, the bride is made to apply turmeric over her face and mehendi over her hands. It can be considered as an occasion for making the bride get ready for the marriage. Mahr is the ritual which involves the welcoming of the bride grooms party at the place where marriage is held.

Wedding Rituals

Nikaah is the marriage ceremony in the Muslim religion, where the priests leads the ceremony in the presence of the close relatives from both the sides. Nikaah completes with the proposal and acceptance. The groom proposes the bride and she should convey her wish. Mahr is the amount of nuptial gift that is given to the bride’s family from the side of grrom. After the ceremony there is lavish dinner and then bride and groom are made to sit together with kuran between them and they will be made to see each other through mirror. Post Wedding Ceremony The occasion when the bride is bid farewell by her family and made to go to groom’s home is called rukshat. Chauthi is another ceremony that is held on the fourth day after marriage when the bride visits her home with groom.